6 months and still not broke!


Disclaimer: The following post is probably boring for most of the people reading the usual posts on this blog. I post it anyway on one hand because I have the data and I like to play with it, on the other hand because I do know that many people have no idea how cheap or expensive it is to board a plane and go somewhere. Many of the things that can be derived from my tables …

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Life on reset


Since we bought the tickets from Germany to New Zealand I didn’t think much about what that decision actually means. I have been abroad quite a bit in the last 4 years but the impact of getting a one way ticket without actually knowing what I will end up doing or when exactly I would come back made the way to my brain just a few days before departure. How many people get the chance …

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Our plane

It’s nearly 6 months ago that I published the last blog post. I thought a few times about working on the blog itself or writing about some topics that went through my mind but discarded it every time for several reasons. With the departure to New Zealand coming closer I thought again about it and decided I have to change something about that. My last “real” post was about finding “friends” in China. It was one …

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You can’t find Chinese friends

Me with my host and two other couchsurfers in Beijing

This post is dedicated to the few people who told me that I will never meet and Chinese people and become friends with them because they are to different and I will end up hanging around only with other foreigners. Although that might sound like a “challenge accepted” thing (“Within 3 months I want to be friends with X Chinese!”), I did not run around asking people if they want to be friends with me, …

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Chinese Pitfalls

2013-12-15 10.53.10

If you had any contact to intercultural topics, any influence from people from foreign countries or at least watched the fruitful Galileo documentaries about other cultures (that one is for the Germans reading this), you will know that people in other countries act and behave differently from your own country and sometimes that might lead to irritated looks, misunderstandings, wrong impressions or even fights. Theory As a thoughtful student of the intercultural studies I naturally …

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