Chinese New Year

2014-01-30 21.29.02

Luckily this time my flight wasn’t delayed (theory for the moment: flights from and to Beijing are too prestigious to be delayed). I took the Airport Express into downtown and met Newton and the two Spaniards at the metro exit. We went to his family’s apartment only a few streets away, in the middle of Beijing and got greeted by the whole family that gathered for the spring festival. We were invited to do dumplings …

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Japanese Army Base

2014-01-29 13.17.18

My last whole day in Harbin was a bit more relaxed. I took the bus around noon to an old Japanese military base in the suburbs of Harbin. As I learned in the Nanjing Memorial, the Japanese army experimented with chemical weapons, so here they set up a base to produce and test these weapons. They mostly used Chinese prisoners of war and civilians to test the effects of their gas, to see what happens …

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Ice Festival


So at my third proper day in Harbin I spent the morning in the warm apartment. It was good to not walk around the whole day and I planned it that I would visit the tiger park in the afternoon and finish with it when it gets dark so I could directly go to the Ice-Festival. Luckily Lucy could tell me which busses to take and where to change, so I didn’t have to walk a …

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Snow Festival


My plan for the second day was to go to the city and decide spontaneously what to do, I had a few options and depending on the time it takes I would decide what to do. When I left and arrived at the bus stop I realized that i forgot my mobile phone; so no maps and no communication. I decided to maybe not do any adventurous stuff and stay around places I know. In …

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In the morning Lucy dropped me off at a mall, she recommended to get some warm shoes to be prepared for the cold. Well, similar to Nanjing, I couldn’t find any shoes bigger than size 44. Actually people were laughing at me when I asked them if they also had shoes in 46. So without warm shoes, but  three pairs of socks I decided to got to the city centre of Harbin, which has a …

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Flight to the North


My flight left around 2pm, so I left for the airport early enough to be sure to arrive in time in case I can’t get a taxi or there is a traffic jam or anything. Obviously in China that doesn’t matter much; my flight had 2 hrs delay and people told me afterwards that it is completely normal because they always overbook the runway…a bit like the streets, too many vehicles for too little space. I had a stopover …

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Work is hard!

Hot Pot Dinner

The last post before I leave for 2 weeks through China. We had a visitor from Germany in the office for the last weeks, so a lot of meetings all day long and of course social activities. In comparison to Germany it is definitely more usual to spend company money for the entertainment of the guest as well as the team the guest works with. So for Wednesday I originally assumed we would just go …

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Chinese Language (part 1)

2013-12-29 16.53.21

Disclaimer: I am far away from actually speaking or understanding Chinese! Actually I do know enough words for basic conversations…in theory. The problem is that people generally don’t understand me because of the pronunciation and intonation of what I say. I also know that probably not everything I will write here is 100% true, however it gives a little insight in how the language works and if you are advanced enough to spot the mistakes …

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Shopping in China

Chips in the Supermarket

So shopping in China is not significantly different from other countries…you have the usual big supermarkets (walmart, carrefour,etc.), you get shopping carts or plastic baskets for your errands, you pay at the end at a usual cashier…so far so good! A few things still are different: Somebody might stay at the entrance to hand you a shopping cart so that you don’t have to walk the additional 2 meters I couldn’t find something between a small …

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Annual Dinner


So as I said before people were practicing for weeks now for their performance at the Annual Dinner Party, everyday they would gather in the meeting rooms for rehearsal.  In the beginning I had no idea what kind of show I should expect. I knew of two colleagues that sang a German song so I assumed it would be something karaoke-like just on a bigger stage. A few days ago then I witnessed the rehearsal of “my” …

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