Trip to the North

Finally in a few days I will start travelling! As I was working during the christmas days while everybody in the rest of the world had days off, now there is the Chinese New Years’ or Spring Festival, where basically nobody in China works. It’s the biggest holiday in China and also the biggest relocation of population you can imagine. Everybody is going hom to their family to spend the holidays with them. Now, while …

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dies das (1)


Because there is a lot that happens during the week, by now I have a small collection of pictures, stories and things worth mentioning. Here is what I got so far (click the pictures for a description): People smoke pretty much everywhere: in the street, in clubs, in shops, in restaurants (if you are lucky they use the toilet for smoking… If not, you sit next to them) People also spit everywhere (because of the …

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Work in China

2014-01-14 12.10.47

With all my preparation for working in a Chinese office, I was quite surprised when I arrived there…many of the stereotypes are, at least in the Schenker office, hardly true. At least the atmosphere is kind of like in a German office, although way more quiet. Anyway there are a few things worth mentioning: There are shuttle busses in the morning and evening, so nearly everybody arrives and leaves at the same time. I was …

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A month without (nearly) any fork!

2013-12-28 18.44.02

One month in China is over! Since my meal in the plane to Nanjing I have seen and used only one fork, everything else was eaten with chopsticks, spoons and my fingers. So what I learned about Chinese people is that they eat!…always!…a lot! On the streets you find restaurants or kitchen every few meters and if there are no restaurants, there will be somebody on the street selling something according to day-time. It is nearly always …

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The Nanjing Massacre


After basically everything I had planned for this weekend (4/5th of January) was cancelled for several reasons, I had a free Saturday to tick off some of the tourist sites in Nanjing. I decided to visit the Memorial for the Nanjing massacre, which is only 5 minutes’ walk from my apartment. To be honest I didn’t know much about the event up to that point. I only knew that Japanese soldiers killed a lot of …

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Hot Springs

2nd weekend in Nanjing, I met again with Eugene and two of his friends to go to some hot springs a bit outside of Nanjing; we met at 8.15 (earlier than I get up for work…on a saturday!). Again I was glad to be with somebody who spoke Chinese (actually three of them). The bus we were supposed to take left directly in front of us, so the other three negotiated with a guy next …

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Getting a Flat (part 2)

The next day… I packed my stuff in the hotel, took a taxi and explained the taxi driver successfully the way to my new apartment and the agent to sign the contract. This time I had my passport with me, as well as (what I thought was) enough money to pay fee, deposit and one rent plus maybe unexpected additional fees. Well, what I was told there was that in China you might be requested …

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Getting a Flat (part 1)

As getting an apartment in China was a bit more difficult than I thought, I put it in an own post. So Mango, one of the admin people at Schenker organized a few apartments to look at via an agency. On Tuesday afternoon we left the office to have a look at 4 of them, so I could choose one and move out of the hotel. Apparently it is not uncommon in China to sign …

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