Walking around Beijing

2014-02-02 10.13.02

In the morning we got dropped off together with Niu Qiyangs grandparents at the National Museum. The plan to visit the same was quickly changed when we saw the queue in front of it. It was long, really long, probably the other half of Beijing, the one that didn’t go to the New Year’s fair gathered here! Our host and his grandparents decided to go home while we wanted to walk a bit around to …

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New Years Market in Beijing

2014-02-01 15.35.21

On Saturday we started the day slowly with a walk in the late morning. A friend of the Spanish guys recommended going to a certain metro station because it would be nice to walk around there. Well…it wasn’t! Nothing special to see except for a few small streets in which some locals tried to tell us at some point that this is private and we are not supposed to be there…”我们不懂!” We got back for …

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In the morning Lucy dropped me off at a mall, she recommended to get some warm shoes to be prepared for the cold. Well, similar to Nanjing, I couldn’t find any shoes bigger than size 44. Actually people were laughing at me when I asked them if they also had shoes in 46. So without warm shoes, but  three pairs of socks I decided to got to the city centre of Harbin, which has a …

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