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On Friday then I planned to go to Guyaju, the cave formation in the north-east of Beijing. Not even my host and his family knew about it so I hoped to find a not to crowded area. When I went up I had my first surprise: Everything outside was white. I decided to go anyway and hoped the snow wouldn’t affect the public transport as much as it might in Germany. Again, like for the …

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Ice Festival


So at my third proper day in Harbin I spent the morning in the warm apartment. It was good to not walk around the whole day and I planned it that I would visit the tiger park in the afternoon and finish with it when it gets dark so I could directly go to the Ice-Festival. Luckily Lucy could tell me which busses to take and where to change, so I didn’t have to walk a …

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Snow Festival


My plan for the second day was to go to the city and decide spontaneously what to do, I had a few options and depending on the time it takes I would decide what to do. When I left and arrived at the bus stop I realized that i forgot my mobile phone; so no maps and no communication. I decided to maybe not do any adventurous stuff and stay around places I know. In …

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In the morning Lucy dropped me off at a mall, she recommended to get some warm shoes to be prepared for the cold. Well, similar to Nanjing, I couldn’t find any shoes bigger than size 44. Actually people were laughing at me when I asked them if they also had shoes in 46. So without warm shoes, but  three pairs of socks I decided to got to the city centre of Harbin, which has a …

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Flight to the North


My flight left around 2pm, so I left for the airport early enough to be sure to arrive in time in case I can’t get a taxi or there is a traffic jam or anything. Obviously in China that doesn’t matter much; my flight had 2 hrs delay and people told me afterwards that it is completely normal because they always overbook the runway…a bit like the streets, too many vehicles for too little space. I had a stopover …

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