The last weeks in China

2014-02-22 16.47.17

I planned to see a lot more things in China in the second half of my stay but due to weather conditions and some problems with my thesis I couldn’t really organize all the trips I had planned. Instead I stayed mostly in Nanjing to see the places I hadn’t seen yet, such as the remainings of the old city wall or the Fuzi Miao temple and the Purple Mountain which is covered in countless …

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2014-02-07 12.15.17

On Friday then I planned to go to Guyaju, the cave formation in the north-east of Beijing. Not even my host and his family knew about it so I hoped to find a not to crowded area. When I went up I had my first surprise: Everything outside was white. I decided to go anyway and hoped the snow wouldn’t affect the public transport as much as it might in Germany. Again, like for the …

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The Summer Palace

2014-02-05 13.17.31

On Wednesday I decided to go alone to the Summer Palace in the north west of Beijing, a big park area with a big temple overlooking the lake in it. On the way I stopped at a market, a Chinese one where I wasn’t sure if the market was the attraction to me or I the attraction to the people at the market. I got some fruits for the next days and decided not to …

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The Forbidden City

2014-02-04 12.18.58

Part 2 of the “must-see-locations” in and around Beijing: the Forbidden City. As the Spanish guys slept at a friend’s place in Beijing we agreed to meet at 10.30 in front of the Forbidden City. Niu Qiyangs father organized something that we could skip the queues and get in for free. Of course the Spanish guys were being Spanish and postponed their arrival again and again. We didn’t want to wait so I went in …

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Walking around Beijing

2014-02-02 10.13.02

In the morning we got dropped off together with Niu Qiyangs grandparents at the National Museum. The plan to visit the same was quickly changed when we saw the queue in front of it. It was long, really long, probably the other half of Beijing, the one that didn’t go to the New Year’s fair gathered here! Our host and his grandparents decided to go home while we wanted to walk a bit around to …

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Japanese Army Base

2014-01-29 13.17.18

My last whole day in Harbin was a bit more relaxed. I took the bus around noon to an old Japanese military base in the suburbs of Harbin. As I learned in the Nanjing Memorial, the Japanese army experimented with chemical weapons, so here they set up a base to produce and test these weapons. They mostly used Chinese prisoners of war and civilians to test the effects of their gas, to see what happens …

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The Nanjing Massacre


After basically everything I had planned for this weekend (4/5th of January) was cancelled for several reasons, I had a free Saturday to tick off some of the tourist sites in Nanjing. I decided to visit the Memorial for the Nanjing massacre, which is only 5 minutes’ walk from my apartment. To be honest I didn’t know much about the event up to that point. I only knew that Japanese soldiers killed a lot of …

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Anyone been to a Nuclear Power Plant yet?

After I have been way too long in Germany, I am finally away again… This time I am spending 10 days in Rauma, Finland, visiting Agnès who is working at the construction side of the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant. My trip to Finland was rather boring and as it was from Thu 11.30pm – Fri 4pm, I spent most of the time napping in various vehicles. When I eventually arrived in Tampere, I was lucky …

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