New Years Market in Beijing

2014-02-01 15.35.21

On Saturday we started the day slowly with a walk in the late morning. A friend of the Spanish guys recommended going to a certain metro station because it would be nice to walk around there. Well…it wasn’t! Nothing special to see except for a few small streets in which some locals tried to tell us at some point that this is private and we are not supposed to be there…”我们不懂!” We got back for …

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Chinese New Year

2014-01-30 21.29.02

Luckily this time my flight wasn’t delayed (theory for the moment: flights from and to Beijing are too prestigious to be delayed). I took the Airport Express into downtown and met Newton and the two Spaniards at the metro exit. We went to his family’s apartment only a few streets away, in the middle of Beijing and got greeted by the whole family that gathered for the spring festival. We were invited to do dumplings …

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