The bus left at 6.30am, half an hour later then planned, which meant, we had to wait for 30 min with wet feet (another creek crossing). 3 hrs later we arrived back and had a look around in the city and the markets. When we left the city, shortly after we entered the highway, we had to stop, cause some people blocked the highway to protest for more jobs (they could have spent the time finding one, but I don’t think these kind of arguments would have been any helpful).

Around 45min later we could start again, to head towards the “Gargante de diabolo”, some kind of canyon with waterfall. We took the car as far as possible and walked the last few meters through the canyon to see a rather tiny waterfall compared to Iguazu.After the obligatory shower, we left for Salta and were a bit worried, when we tried to get fuel at 3 stations without any success.

We finally filled up our tank and found a camp ground next to “El Dique”

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