We got up early, to go to a small airport, so that I could finally do my skydive. After about 2min of instructions, I got my harness and we went up to 2700m. The jump was pretty easy as I couldn’t do anything and just waited for the instructor to jump. It was a great experience and after around 25sec the parachute opened and we were slowly descending.

Afterwards we drove in the city of Cordoba, looked around and met Augustina, another friend of Hannah who showed us a bit around. In the evening we left to find a campground, which was more difficult then we thought. After several kilometres of curvy mountain road, we stopped at a lonely house and asked for a place nearby where we could stay. The woman told us, that we can stay on their property a bit away from the house and told us that if anything would happen, it would be safer, cause she could call the police who would be there in 2 minutes…nice!

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