We left the place without someone calling the police and drove south to visit a National Park, for some reason we missed it, but found the “Museo Roscen” instead, which is basically some guys collection of literally everything, from stonaged aroowheads to 30 yr old IBM computers, from humen foetus in a jar to shrinkheads and from children’s toys to rifles…around 11000 pieces.

After 2 hrs in the museum we kept going to Santa Rosa to visit again a friend of Hannah’s, Isais.

He was working on a campground, which was quite convenient. He showed us the surrounding landscape and we tried to find a hounted church which was never finished, but unfortunately we couldn’t find it. At night we went in a club in another city. While I thought we used to go to a club quite late at night in Germany, it’s way later in Argentina, here’s noone in a club before 3am and it starts to get crowded around 4. The music was more or less typical South American and not 100% the kind I like.

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