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I started getting interested in travellingIMGP3020 when I did my apprenticeship in Germany. I got the chance to go to Oslo and Budapest and felt like seeing more of the world at the end of that time. The next decision was to spend a year in Australia, which was supposed to be a voluntary program that would count as a substitute for the German military service. In the end it turned out to be more like a work&travel trip due to several “problems” which weren’t that problematic after all. I could pretty much do whatever I wanted and used my time as good as possible (and started this blog). Back in Germany I started a studying program which allowed me to have international internships and a semester abroad, which helped me to live in Chile and China. Now I finished my studies and the next stop will be New Zealand where I plan to travel first for around 6 months and find a job afterwards. 

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when I first came to Australia I decided not to start a blog because I wouldn’t keep it up to date and most of the stuff I do would end up on Facebook anyway. After half a year there the idea of a travel blog became more and more interesting and when I stayed on a station in the Outback in North Queensland, I experienced so much stuff that I couldn’t remember most of it if I didn’t write it down. The result is this blog which I started in April 2011 and served mainly as some kind of diary for my life on the station. Over the time however, it developed into a general travel-blog. In the first place this was something for my own, to not forget the amazing people I met, the great things I did and the countless experiences I had. I made it public so that anyone who is interested in my well-being or in what I am up to can check it if they want to. By now I try to write a bit more about general topics concerning travelling, studying and/or working abroad.

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The station I stayed on in Queensland, Australia consisted of two properties: The Farewell station (27000 acre), where the station house is located and where I spent most of the time, and Narangie (33000 acre) a property around an hour away from Farewell with only a couple of sheds and shearers quarters. As this was closely related to my life on the station when I decided to start this blog and an unusual enough name to not being registered for anybody else, I allowed myself to borrow it for this blog.

… this blog:

Because of a lack of time and interest in creating something proper (and because I didn’t know how long I would keep writing here) I first started off with blog at “wordpress.com”. It had the huge advantage that I didn’t need to set up anything complicated but could start writing and posting pretty much instantly. It also had a reasonable short URL (http://narangie.wordpress.com) which made it easy to tell people when there was no internet available. This setup lasted nearly 3 years until January 2014. I had the idea of a self-hosted WordPress before but couldn’t really be bothered to invest time and/or money in it; finally when I was in China and had nothing to do at some weekend I decided to give it a try. After a lot of trial and error it is now fully operable, including its own domain (www.narangie.de), and it will probably further grow.

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