After only 5 hrs of sleep we returned the car to Buenos Aires and although the were a few scratches in the car, nobody said anything and we went of pretty relieved. We met Lindsey again and walked a bit around until we went back to La Plata in the evening.


We relaxed most of the day to recover from the night and left Santa Rosa for La Plata in the afternoon. We stayed in a little city on the way and continued or trip the next day and finally arrived back in La Plata, after 21 days and 6374 km. We found someone who cleaned the whole car for 35 Pesos (7€), so that we could give it back to Avis without any problems. In …

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We left the place without someone calling the police and drove south to visit a National Park, for some reason we missed it, but found the “Museo Roscen” instead, which is basically some guys collection of literally everything, from stonaged aroowheads to 30 yr old IBM computers, from humen foetus in a jar to shrinkheads and from children’s toys to rifles…around 11000 pieces.


We got up early, to go to a small airport, so that I could finally do my skydive. After about 2min of instructions, I got my harness and we went up to 2700m. The jump was pretty easy as I couldn’t do anything and just waited for the instructor to jump. It was a great experience and after around 25sec the parachute opened and we were slowly descending.


This day we drove a lot through the mountains and saw some “famous” rock formations, another “Gargante del diabolo” more impressive then the first one, and the “Amphi Teatro” in the evening we bought some local salami, cheese and wine and had a nice dinner on a camp ground. The same evening I got the proof that my tent is water-resistant and storm proof. The water was a couple of centimetres high in the lawn …

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The bus left at 6.30am, half an hour later then planned, which meant, we had to wait for 30 min with wet feet (another creek crossing). 3 hrs later we arrived back and had a look around in the city and the markets. When we left the city, shortly after we entered the highway, we had to stop, cause some people blocked the highway to protest for more jobs (they could have spent the time …

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We found a place offering tours through the surrounding mountains, we got a “5-7 hrs hike to San Isidrio”, after our lunch, we met our tour guide, a 24 year old guy from a village up the mountains, which still has no power. We walked 2 hours through a valley and crossed a small, but quite strong creek several times. We soon had wet shoes and pants, luckily it was sunny and warm.


We left the hotel with all our stuff around 9 and drove in the north of Salta. On the way we picked up a girl that hitch-hiked for some kilometres until we went to a town besides the road which was supposed to be interesting for tourists. Well, it was. The whole city was based on tourism and everyone tried to sell you stuff for ridiculous prices for the region. We went in a yard …

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We spent the day in the south of Salta. The whole area consists of a lot of mountains, so potentially good views everywhere. After a stop at “El Dique”, a lake sourrouonded by a few smaller mountains, we went on a drive through a national park.


In the morning, we waited around 15min for fuel, cause surprisingly we weren’t the only ones who needed petrol. We finally arrived in Salta around 1.5hrs later, here we had lunch with Augustin, one of Hannahs friends, who later showed us the city and the surroundings. We got a hostel, had a nap and met Augustin again to get some food and cerveza.