After a short night, cause the neighbours were playing music for the whole camp ground and the council decided to start mowing the lawn at 7 in the morning, we headed for Salta. On the way we stopped at some ruins of a Jesuit Mission, camped one night near a river, where I somehow got invited to smoke Shisha with the camp owner, who didn’t speak a word of English, but was keen to talk …

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In the morning we started off to the Argentinian side of Iguazu. It was better organised as well as a bit emptier (maybe because of the time), so we didn’t wait at all and went in the park. The first thing we realised was that it’s more like a National Park here, opposed to a Tourist Attraction in Brazil.

Iguazu (Brasil)

At 8.30 we stood in front of the Consulate and realised: It’s Saturday and it’s closed! So as the Lonely Planet stated, they would make exceptions for Iguazu tourists at the border, we decided to try it anyway. The first bus company which runs buses directly to the national park told us that there is no chance to cross the border without a visa, they even sent back an American tourist without a visa this …

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After a swim in the creek, which counted as a shower, we headed of to Iguazu around midday. On the way there we only stopped at another river to cool down a bit. In Puerto Iguazu we found a quite luxurious campground with pool, Wi-Fi, Shop and BBQs, so we set up our tent and decided to go to the Brazilian Consulate the next morning to get some kind of a “one-day-visa” for Hannah, cause …

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Reserva Nacional Iberá

Getting up at 6.30am, cause the boat tour over the lake starts at 7… We got in a small motorboat with 6 other people and the tourguide and started of to see the animal life of the area. We mostly saw lots of different birds in all sizes and colours, but there were also two different kinds of crocodiles as well as mammals like the weird Hamster from yesterday and Marsh-Deer which also live on …

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We stayed with Francisco for lunch and left afterwards for the Reserva Nacional Iberá. There was not much on the way, so we just stopped in Mercedes to get some necessities, like food, beer and some camping gear. In the Toolshop as well as in the Grocery store where the man gave us direction to Iberá, both men talked in Spanish to me instead of Hannah (who is obviously a girl) although I didn’t say …

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Today we got our car, so in order to be in BA at 10 o’clock, we got up around 7.30. After a quick breakfast, we took the bus and picked up the rental car. As you have to be at least 23 years old to be allowed to drive the car, I will be the only one driving for the next 21 days. The first minutes on the roads of Buenos Aires were quite an …

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Again we started the day around noon, this definitely has to change when we are on the road! The first thing we did was going upstairs to the rooftop, where they installed a small pool. Later we left Lindsey and went off to see some other parts of Buenos Aires and to buy some more stuff for our trip.


After cleaning the apartment and eating the leftovers, Hannah, Lindsey and me took the train to BA. Here we had a look at some markets where people tried to sell more or less useful stuff mainly to tourists. Afterwards we went to the Parliament House, got some ice-cream and relaxed in a park until dusk.


After my travel and the rather big amount of beer in the first night, I slept til noon and most of the day didn’t get much more productive. We went out to some the markets, but unfortunately it was kind of a disappointment, cause as it was New Years Eve, only a fraction of the usual market people appeared. So we went, back and prepared food for the evening. Everyone was supposed to bring something …

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