Arica (2012-09-06)

So after my party I went home at 2, packed some of my things, set my alarm for 4.45 and went to bed. That would be enough time to have a shower, check all my stuff and take 2 buses to the airport to be there on time for my flight at 8.10.

Well, when i looked on my mobile the next time, it was 7.10. Was too late to catch the flight. Anyway, still a bit drunk, i grabbed all my stuff and ran down on the street to catch a taxi and, with a bit of luck, my flight. For some reason I waited 15 minutes without getting a taxi and as it was too late to get my flight, even with luck I went back in my room to decide what to do next.
So I grabbed all my stuff which i missed (e.g. laptop and phone charger), left the house again, to take the metro and a bus to the airport and ask the people at the counter what a re booking of the flight would cost. Luckily it wasn’t a big difference and for 15 mil more i could take the flight at 14.00 (5.5hrs later).

I spent the majority of the time (in the airport as well as in the plane) sleeping, so that i arrived more or less rested in Arica at 17.30.

In Arica i took a “colectivo”, a shared taxi, to the city and as i roughly knew where the hostel was, i had a quick look on the map in the bus terminal and started walking. around an hour later i was back at the bus terminal without finding the hostel, so i asked someone and they told me a rough direction. I followed the instructions, but couldn’t find the hostel.

Back on the main road i found a shop, where i went in to ask again if they know where to go. They were really nice and called the number of the hostel that i had, but the guy at the phone wasn’t able to tell them where the hostel was, so i still didn’t know where to go (1.5 – 2hrs after landing)

I walked back in the direction of the bus terminal and found a small woman selling sweets in front of a school, so i asked her and she told me as well to go to the bus terminal because there would be many hostels (after my “muchas gracias” she answered with “thank you”, which was kind of cute)
The hostels at the station looked a bit dodgy, so i decided to take a taxi, the driver didn’t really know the street, but with the help of his mobile he found it and i was finally in front of the hostel.
So that was the point where i was really glad to find my place for the night, the only problem was: nobody opened the door…so after ringing the bell a few times i called them again and the guy told me, that he will be back in an hour or so, but they have free beds, so i could stay there.

To spent the hour, i went to the beach, had a pizza and a beer and walked back an hour later. Bad news was: the guy was still not there; good news: a Taiwanese girl was there to let me in. So after 3 hours walking through Arica, I had finally a bed for the night. I spent the evening talking with the Taiwanese girl and an American guy who works for the American embassy in Santiago and complains about all his republican, conservative colleagues.


I used the next day to explore Arica. There is a cliff with a Jesus statue on top, from which you can see the whole city. A church, designed by XY Eiffel (the guy who designed the Eiffel tower), which was made completely from metal in France, to be shipped to Arica and assembled there. And a few other minor things, but nothing really important. In the evening I organized an Asado in the hostel with around 1.5kg meat for 3 people.


On Saturday I went with a French couple to a Museum which exhibits the oldest mummies in the world; 2 or 3000 years older than the ones in Egypt. We saw rooms full of dead bodies and the history of the native people living around Arica in the last 7000 years or so.

In the afternoon I went to the airport again to meet José and Simona to start our trip to Perú.

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