February 2015

As I still want to have some kind of diary here – for me and anybody that is interested – I post monthly updates of what we did (including pictures), what we are up to and what our future plans are. Ideally that will also show a bit how much our plans change and how our progress and planning goes for the near future. You can find all entries until now here and for a …

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Back to Down Under

With my studies coming to an end in September it is time for me to put some serious thoughts into planning my future. Should I start a master’s program? Should I start working? If so, for which company and what kind of work? And – more importantly – where should I do, whatever it is? At least the last question is answered now: on the first of December I will be sitting in a plane to …

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On the road again (2011-06-26)

Everyone felt like crap the next morning after only 3 hours of sleep. Nevertheless we had to leave Darwin. As we had to drive most of the way today on the Stuart Highway, which we used to go to Darwin, we haven’t seen anything new or exciting. We arrived on a small campground in the middle of nowhere and went to bed straight after dinner.

Back to Darwin (2011-06-25)

The last day of the tour. We left the campsite around 7 after breakfast and all our gear was packed together. We drove to the Motor Car Fall and saw an around 7m high termite mount on the way. After another hike and some rockclimbing, we arrived at an idyllic pool on the bottom of the Motor Car Fall. Clear water and the first time we could actually dive in the water, because it was …

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Jim Jim Falls (2011-06-24)

And again, wake up at 6am! Our only stop today was the Jim Jim Falls. After a 1.5 hour drive we arrived at a carpark and started the hike to the top of the falls. As our tourguides haven’t been up there yet, theycouldn’t tell us much about the way up and what to expect. It turnedout to be a pretty exhausting hike, up the hill, climbing over rocks. Half way to the top we …

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Kakadu National Park (2011-06-23)

By now, I don’t really believe, that I will ever sleep in again! We got up at 6 o’clock, because we were picked up at 6.40 by our tourguides for Kakadu. Way too early, but at leas we got some time to sleep in the truck. Of course there were another 4 Germans on the tour, which I realised as soon as I got in the truck. We started our tour and went to a …

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Discovering Darwin (2011-06-22)

Although we didn’t plan anything for today, we had to get up fairly early, to change hostels, to get our free breakfast in the new one. It was a great idea to change it! We got everything, including Croissants, Juice and pancakes! After the breakfast we started organising ourselves. The girls wanted to book a tour through the Kakadu National Park, so we went to some travel agents to get some ideas of the tours. …

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Darwin (2011-06-21)

It was a bit chilly in the morning, but we certainly arrived in the tropics, short and a shirt were enough clothes to be quite comfortable. We had an early start today, because the girls wanted to see some canyon in Kathrine and arrive in Darwin as early as possible, to look for tours to the Kakadu National Park and do our laundry, etc. So when we arrived in Kathrine at 9am, we got some …

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Swimming with Crocs (2011-06-20)

We woke up and it was the first night which was actually not freezing cold. It was certainly not warm, but in comparison to the nights during the last week it was a nice surprise. In the morning we realised a quick change from the outback landscape with only a few trees and small bushes to some forest like landscape with tighter vegetation and wild palmtrees. There is not much to see between Alice and …

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The Devils Marbles (2011-06-19)

After a quite long night, we had an big breakfast with lots of pancakes. We only had one stop for today: The Devils Marbles, a few hundred kilometres north of Alice. Some giant stones that look like marbles, laying around in the Outback. We arrived on time for our lunch, which we had on one of the small rocks near the car park. Afterwards we attempted to climb the rocks and it turned out, that …

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