The Trip begins (2011-06-09)

After 4 hours of sleep I woke up, pretty stuffed! I packed my stuff together and waited in the community room for the things to happen. Around 10am I met my new travel mates: Agnes and Fabien from France, Suzan from Holland and Lilly, the Ford Falcon Station Wagon which will be our apartment and bed for the next 1 or 2 weeks. After we threw out some of the wooden structure that formed the …

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Hanging ’round (2011-06-07)

I spent the whole morning on the laptop. Not very exciting, but considering that it counted as actual work, it was pretty good. I ended up doing only a little bit on the website, cause I was missing the access rights to change more. So my work was basically to get familiar with the system and be able to tell Con how he can change stuff. More something of a mentoring job, than actual work. …

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Cinema (2011-06-06)

In the morning I moved to the hostel, put my stuff in my room and went out to buy some food to cook a proper meal in the hostel kitchen. A bit later and after a few problems finding the hostel, Lenny arrived. We shared our stories about the Station Life and AFS and went out to see something of Adelaide. We ended up buying a ticket for The Hangover 2 and spent the waiting …

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Getting a Job (2011-06-05)

I woke up in Manda’s (my 2nd host) boyfriends house, somewhere in Adelaide. After a WII session and lunch, they headed back home and I drove to the city, to meet the French couple to talk about our trip and ask for a job in a hostel, to get cheap accommodation. The French, Fabien and Agnes were really organised and thought about stuff I would have never thought about.

Moving Hosts (2011-06-04)

As I had to stay a bit longer in Adelaide, I had to organise some accommodation. I contacted another couchsurfer, got a bed for the next two nights and packed my stuff together. Cozzy’s mum took us for a drive up a hill with an amazing view over the city and the coast, a bit out of Adelaide. Afterwards we went to a coffee shop with some weird coffee making devices, that looked a bit …

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Adelaide (2011-06-03)

I was woken up by the two budgies next to my room. Although it’s called COUCHsurfing, I had my own room, with a proper bed. I am getting spoiled. I spent the morning trying to find someone who has a spare seat on the way to Darwin, as the American guy I planned to travel with told me in the last second, that he found someone else. Although lot’s of people do the trip, I …

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Check your dates! (2011-06-02)

After our breakfast in Townsville, we headed of to buy some more stuff, so that Jan could make use of me, while I am with her. We bought some bulk stuff for the station and I helped her putting it all in the car. Afterwards she dropped me at the airport. It was a bit weird when the self check-in terminal didn’t find my name for the flight, but I didn’t really worry about it, …

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Townsville (2011-06-01)

All of us headed for Winton at 7am. Jan in her car and Rob and I in the Toyota, to drop of the cupboard in the townhouse. In Winton I changed cars and the trip to Townsville began. Our route wasn’t exactly spectacular and as I slept 2 hours or so, I didn’t see much of the landscape (which wasn’t too much of a loss!) We passed several places where people live. They are considered …

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Bag packing (2011-05-31)

My last day on Farwell for now. I spent my day organising my contract for my job in Germany, doing my laundry and packing my bag. In the evening Rob and I carried an old cupboard out of the house and put it on the Toyota, that we can drop it in the townhouse tomorrow. In the cupboard Jan found an old backpack which I annexed for my travel. I was surprised how light my …

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