Back to Darwin (2011-06-25)

The last day of the tour. We left the campsite around 7 after breakfast and all our gear was packed together. We drove to the Motor Car Fall and saw an around 7m high termite mount on the way.

After another hike and some rockclimbing, we arrived at an idyllic pool on the bottom of the Motor Car Fall. Clear water and the first time we could actually dive in the water, because it was deep enough. We left it way to quick, as we had to drive back to carwin ini the afternoon.

We had only one stop on our 3 hour trip. A roadhouse with the stuffed buffalo from the Crocodile Dundee movie. Exactly as exciting as it sounds!

Back in Darwin the girls wanted to try crocodile, so we went in a restaurant and joined our tourgroup afterwards in a club to have some fun in the evening.

We stayed awake until 3.30 to farewell Suzan, who was flying to Cairns early in the morning and went to bed to get our 3 hours of sleep before we leave Darwin tomorrow.

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