How to meet the Boss of your favorite Brewery! *UPDATE*

Fassübergabe mit Thomas Stauder

For the last 4 years I carried around beer bottles from Germany on whatever continent you met me. This came to a temporary highlight early this week. The Marketing Agency of Stauder and Thomas Stauder, one of the two brothers owning the brewery invited me to meet them before I travel to New Zealand again. Pretty much everybody who met me in the last 4 years knows that I am travelling everywhere with one or two …

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It’s nearly 6 months ago that I published the last blog post. I thought a few times about working on the blog itself or writing about some topics that went through my mind but discarded it every time for several reasons. With the departure to New Zealand coming closer I thought again about it and decided I have to change something about that. My last “real” post was about finding “friends” in China. It was one …

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