Arica (2012-09-06)

So after my party I went home at 2, packed some of my things, set my alarm for 4.45 and went to bed. That would be enough time to have a shower, check all my stuff and take 2 buses to the airport to be there on time for my flight at 8.10. Well, when i looked on my mobile the next time, it was 7.10.

Chillan (2012-08-14)

Tuesday: Another day of doing nothing until the afternoon. Packed my stuff and met José at the bus terminal. We took the bus to Chillán and slept most of the 5hrs. In Chillán, we walked to a friend of José where we spent the night. We were greeted with a Chilean Asado (barbecue). I have never seen meat THAT long on the fire, but in the end it was basically perfect. Cross outside and still …

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