Cajón del Maipo (2012-10-27)

After quite a bit of a break I try to keep it updated again and probably catch up soon with the last weeks… So this Saturday Agnès, Petteri and I went to the Cajon del Maipo to camp somewhere for one night. I did a bit of research where to go and which transport to choose etc., but dropped in the end nearly all the planning and we decided to improvise if anything unforseen happens. …

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Arica (2012-09-06)

So after my party I went home at 2, packed some of my things, set my alarm for 4.45 and went to bed. That would be enough time to have a shower, check all my stuff and take 2 buses to the airport to be there on time for my flight at 8.10. Well, when i looked on my mobile the next time, it was 7.10.

semana 4 (2012-08-29)

The rest of the week was pretty quiet. I finished my project thesis on Thursday and went out the same night with Fernanda and Petteri to celebrate it. After a few beer and only two locations it was suddenly 3.30 and all the clubs were about to close. So we didn’t have any choice but to go home. After I spent some time looking for new rooms to live in, I got some appointments to …

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Legalization II (2012-08-28)

No idea, how often we made an appointment which was canceled by someone, but this morning Petteri and I went to the legalization again. While Petteri went back home to get his passport (because a passport is helpful if you want to do official stuff in a foreign country) I went to the first office again to explain which mistake they made. After a discussion with some guy who asked me which person processed my …

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semana 3 (2012-08-20)

Slowly the live is becomes normal. We planned to do our legalization again, unfortunately it was just a try, as we were busy with uni, hungover or unmotivated…so we postponed it one week (our last chance, cause it has to be done until the 30th). On Tuesday I started my Spanish classes. A friend from Uni and I booked private lessons, twice a week. I learn a lot of words during the week, but sometimes …

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Chillan (2012-08-14)

Tuesday: Another day of doing nothing until the afternoon. Packed my stuff and met José at the bus terminal. We took the bus to Chillán and slept most of the 5hrs. In Chillán, we walked to a friend of José where we spent the night. We were greeted with a Chilean Asado (barbecue). I have never seen meat THAT long on the fire, but in the end it was basically perfect. Cross outside and still …

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semana 2 (2012-08-11)

Saturday: After partying on Friday I didn’t feel too good…Fazit: I spent the whole day in bed and when I wanted to organize something in the evening, I fell asleep…very productive day! Sunday: The day started around noon and I went to the MAC, the Museo de las Artes Contemporales; A weird place with contemporary art. Lot’s of pictures I didn’t understand and a big hall full of scrap metal. I left the place without …

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Legalization I

Legalization, 2nd try. We met at 9 and went to the first office. I got my piece of paper without problems, while Fernanda took twice as long as me, because the people at the embassy put a stamp on her visa, that it wasn’t clear if it is valid for 246 or 248 days…

too much to do

A condensed summary of my first week: Friday: Excursion to Undurraga vinyard, outside of Chile. Interesting, especially the part with the wine tasting. In the evening I had some drinks with friends of José. None of them really spoke English, so quite a challenge. (also a challenge: meeting people in a foreign city when your phone only works occasionally and receives texts 1hr – 1 day after they were sent)

Día primera en Chile

After the 8 hours in Miami it was quite a shock to arrive in Santiago with maximum 5°C. It took me another hour to go through customs and luckily they accepted my visa without any problems. Luckily the people at the airport spoke English so I asked for the bus to the city. From now on I was alone with my basic Spanish skills. It turned out to be not a real problem. I got the …

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