Chillan (2012-08-14)

Tuesday: Another day of doing nothing until the afternoon. Packed my stuff and met José at the bus terminal. We took the bus to Chillán and slept most of the 5hrs. In Chillán, we walked to a friend of José where we spent the night. We were greeted with a Chilean Asado (barbecue). I have never seen meat THAT long on the fire, but in the end it was basically perfect. Cross outside and still a bit red on the inside. A bit later Luis and Paola, the other two friends of José with who I will spent the next 5 days. We spent the night talking until 5am in some mixture of Spanish and English. That will be similar the next 5 days, with them practicing their English and me practicing my Spanish.

Wednesday: We took the bus to the cabin in the mountains around noon, arrived at our small cabin and spend the evening drinking and talking, as it was pouring down the whole day.

Thursday: still pouring, but we decided to go to some hot springs, a few kilometer away. We spent most of the day there, in 40° hot water, surrounded, by snow covered mountains and a lot of rain and fog. Glühwein in the evening.

Friday: Finally we went boarding. It was still raining and we had to wait a bit during noon for the rain to stop, but it was alright.

Saturday: Another day of boarding with actually amazing weather…at least in the morning. Blue sky and sunshine until noon, when it got quite cloudy, but at least it didn’t rain again. We stayed until they closed the lifts around 4 or 5. In the evening we had Glühwein again, to get rid of the left-over wine.

Sunday:  The last day. After packing our stuff, we went to a cave where some hundred years ago some gangster had their hideout. Back in Santiago around 11, which meant we missed the last metro and had to take the bus.

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