Cousco I (2012-09-10)

On Tuesday morning we left for Cousco via bus. After our previous experiences with buses in Perú, I didn’t expect too much, but was positively surprised, when we entered it and found only 3 seats per row, which could be changed to nearly serve as a bed. After unexciting 6 hours we arrived in the Loki Hostel in Cousco. It was a huge hostel close to the center with a own bar and a reputation as a good place to have parties.

We left soon after our arrival to get some food and see a bit of the city. After a look around, we found a not too expensive, good looking place for food…the downside was that after we got the menu, I realized that Simona and José had abducted me to a vegetarian restaurant. Anyway I found some ravioli that sounded alright and at least they had beer. Unfortunately my plate had only a handful of ravioli on it, so after we finished our meal, I had to go to the next fast food shop to get a proper hamburger with meat and fries.

Back in the hostel we socialized a bit in the bar and took advantage of the happy hour.

After the others went to bed, I stayed a bit longer, got a few more beer and met some more people, until the bar closed at 1 or so.

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