Cousco III (2012-09-14)

As it was Josés birthday, we stated the day with cake and a song.

Afterwards we packed our stuff and left the hostel and Aguas Calientes to go back to Cousco. It was a rather quiet trip, the hike down along the train tracks took only an hour or so, we got a taxi from there straight to Santa Maria and only a few minutes later another taxi to Cousco.

We were back at Loki’s around 9 hours later.

After a rather exhausting trip, I didn’t really feel like partying, and because of that I went to bed early to recover but because it was Josés birthday I started drinking beer and ended up pretty drunk in my bed a few hours later.


All 3 of us felt really bad the next morning. As a consequence nothing really happened. SImona and José went to some markets, after we checked out at 1pm and I stayed in the hostel to sober up a bit. In the evening we went to the bus terminal to take an overnight bus to Arequipa. It was as comfortable a the bus to Cousco and shortly after we entered I fell asleep more or less until we reached Arequipa.

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