Darwin (2011-06-21)

It was a bit chilly in the morning, but we certainly arrived in the tropics, short and a shirt were enough clothes to be quite comfortable. We had an early start today, because the girls wanted to see some canyon in Kathrine and arrive in Darwin as early as possible, to look for tours to the Kakadu National Park and do our laundry, etc.

So when we arrived in Kathrine at 9am, we got some information from the visitors centre and went to the Kathrine Gorge, a canyon with a river flowing through it. We did a short walk and had a nice view from the top of the canyon over the surrounding area.

And then, finally, after 14 days, 5000kms, 3000 photos (around 7.5GB) and 1600$, we arrived in Darwin. It is actually a pretty small city for a capital of a state, we quickly found the main street and a lot of hostels. Suzan and I went out to get some prizes for the beds, to see where we will check-in. The first surprise was, that you cannot get a bed in Darwin for under 31$, at least not in the main hostels and we didn’t know where the others were. The second surprise was, that there were no beds left in Darwin. We asked in 5 hostels and all of them were totally booked. In the end we found one with a free 4-bed dorm , even more expensive than the others, but we haven’t had a choice! So we checked in there and were lucky enough to get a spot for our car at the tiny car park of the hostel.

We directly booked the next night in cheaper hostel and went in one of the local pubs to celebrate our arrival. We joined the trivia quiz to win a 120$ bar tab and became last! Nevertheless we drank some beer and ate something before we went back to the hostel. Agnes and I tried the pool, at 11.45 at night, just because it was warm enough to do it.

After a walk through Darwin at night and along the waterfront at the harbour, we went to sleep in our beds. The first bed in the last 2 weeks.

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