Día primera en Chile

After the 8 hours in Miami it was quite a shock to arrive in Santiago with maximum 5°C. It took me another hour to go through customs and luckily they accepted my visa without any problems. Luckily the people at the airport spoke English so I asked for the bus to the city. From now on I was alone with my basic Spanish skills. It turned out to be not a real problem. I got the right bus, found the metro and got out at the right station. I found the house of my José, my Coucsurfing host, quite easily, but then I had to tell the security guard at the entrance who I am and with whom I am meeting. After a bit of talking he understand what I wanted and I went to the 13th floor to my new home for a few days.It was a nice flat with a good view around. José showed me my room with my own bed and we talked a bit, but as he had to go to work and I had to go to uni, we left again quite soon.

Luckily he provided me wit a key to the flat and a BIP! card for the public transport, so I was quite independent for the moment. The trip to uni with the Metro was quite easy, but taking the bus is a bit of a challenge as until now I haven’t met anybody who really understands it. I knew which bus to take, but wasn’t sure about where to get off…when i eventually got off, it turned out that it was too early and i had to walk a few blocks.

I got in an auditorium where people from the uni gave all the exchange students some information, some in English, some in Spanish. One important/interesting/annoying information was that we are around 120 exchange students, with 42 being German.

We had a tour over the campus, with free Computers/Macs, soccer/tennis/hockey fields and a gym. Everything looked really new and modern. After a lunch everyone split up and I joined a group to go and get a Chilean SIM card. We got one and decided afterwards to get some cervecas to celebrate our first day at uni. I ended up with 4 Germans and a Dutch guy in a hostel, but went home quite early and was asleep around 9 to recover from the long trip in the plane.

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