Discovering Darwin (2011-06-22)

Although we didn’t plan anything for today, we had to get up fairly early, to change hostels, to get our free breakfast in the new one. It was a great idea to change it! We got everything, including Croissants, Juice and pancakes!

After the breakfast we started organising ourselves. The girls wanted to book a tour through the Kakadu National Park, so we went to some travel agents to get some ideas of the tours. I weren’t to sure about joining it, because of the prize and another 3 days before we leave, but when they actually booked the tour, I changed my mind and decided to join them. How often will I be in Darwin to see Kakadu!?

In the afternoon we socialised with the other hostel guests and joined them for dinner and beer in one of the local clubs. It was a rather weird party with crab-races and chocolate eating contests, but good not to be on our own any more.

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