End of the Trip

2014-02-08 13.40.31In the morning of my last day I luckily checked my flight dates again and realized that it is leaving at 8pm and not at 2pm like I thought. That left me another day to visit some more places. After I packed all my things and had lunch I went off to see one of the parks of Beijing. Of course build for one of the emperors it was a huge areal with temples, shrines and all kinds of other buildings to show off and to hold ceremonies to pray for a good harvest. The area looked pretty nice with the snow covered lawns and trees and there were not too many people so it was a nice walk around.

2014-02-08 16.07.20Afterwards I went to the CBD of Beijing, walking past some of the embassies and having a look at the famous CCTV building dubbed “big underpants” by the locals. Although that is not a really impressing name the building itself is quite imposing.

After a few pictures I then went back to grab my stuff and leave Beijing after 9 days of sights seeing. Thanks to Niu Qiyang, his parants and grandparents that let us stay with them for Spring Festival, for the great food we got, the fun we had playing Mahjongg and for the patience with all our stupid questions about country, language and people


My theory of no delays with flights to/from Beijing got luckily confirmed and I arrived on time in Nanjing and was happy to be in my bed and able to sleep in as long as I want.

2014-02-09 15.06.12For Sunday, my last day off, I decided to visit some of the places in Nanjing I didn’t know yet. The part of the old city wall I walked on was nice but not really interesting and the Nanjing museum which I visited because it was right next to the wall was mildly interesting, partly because only little explanation in English was given, partly because it felt like there were heaps and heaps of the same exhibits, old vases, jewelry, pots, etc. With maybe a handful of interesting things and information it is something that was alright for a snowy Sunday afternoon with something else planned but I was glad to not have come just for that. From Monday on I will be in the office again and I have to plan carefully what I will do with the few remaining weekends.

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