Goodbye Sunshine Coast! (2011-04-23)

Gary drove me to the Nambour train station and dropped me of. Very confident, that my bag wouldn’t be much over the 20kg allowance, cause I threw out a couple of things, I entered the station and went to the baggage counter. The scale stopped at 30.something kg and I was a bit shocked. As well as the QR-employee. Luckily it’s no problem to take more luggage with you, as long as  you carry it by yourself on board. So I took all my stuff (probably around 40kg) with me to the nearest Coles to buy some food and a book for my journey. Back at the station, the train arrived pretty soon and I managed to store my luggage in the designated area and find my place. The first thing I recognised was that I got enough space for my legs, the second thing were the neighbors all around me.

There was this guy behind me who coursed in every second sentence and apologized every time after he did so. And of course the lonely mum with her 3 children aged probably 5 to 14 which  started screaming, crying and hitting each other not long after the train started to move.

I tried to call Nils, but failed due to missing reception…already. So I spent my time reading, eating, napping and watching a movie and decided finally to have a look in the bar carriage to get a beer. Luckily it was the next carriage, and after I got my beer (of course only mid-strength) I joined a group of people. A 52 year old women who didn’t get tired of telling everyone, that she raised 7 children and grandchildren, a 18 year old Swedish guy who came to Australia when he was 3 and couldn’t stop blaming the immigrants for taking Aussie jobs and a ca. 35 year old Aussie who were caught filling goon in a paper cup and didn’t get any alcohol afterwards. I spent some 3 hours with them, talking about Europe and Australia, traveling and the world in general. The seat I slept in later wasn’t exactly what someone would consider „comfortable“

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