Jim Jim Falls (2011-06-24)

And again, wake up at 6am! Our only stop today was the Jim Jim Falls. After a 1.5 hour drive we arrived at a carpark and started the hike to the top of the falls. As our tourguides haven’t been up there yet, theycouldn’t tell us much about the way up and what to expect.

It turnedout to be a pretty exhausting hike, up the hill, climbing over rocks. Half way to the top we had a small break and Bronnie, our tourguid, found a green ant nest and told us the special thing about green ants: their ass tastes sour and aboriginals used it to create some kind of sour drink. So what did we do? We grabbed an ant by the head and liked their ass. It tasted sour!

We kept climbing and after around 2 hours we reached the top with some pools before the water runs down the falls. We found some amazing places to swim and in the end a stunning view from the top of the fall through a valley on the flat.

The way back was faster, but not really easier, as we had to climb down some pretty steep parts. After we went down, we went to see the bottom of the waterfall, an kilometre climbing an jumping from rock to rock later, we arrived at a beach with a pool full of ice-cold water. We jumped in and swam to the waterfall. We stood on some rocks around 50m in front of the fall. The basin on the bottom is around 40m deep and the water was freezing. We tried to swim under the fall, but the water was to cold to swim there and back again. After we warmed up a bit on the warm rocks on the beach, we went back to the truck and to our campside for today. We had Buffalo sausages and Roo steak for dinner.

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