June 2015

As I still want to have some kind of diary here – for me and anybody who is interested – I post monthly updates of what we did (including pictures), what we are up to and what our future plans are. Ideally that will also show a bit how much our plans change and how our progress and planning goes for the near future. You can find all entries until now here and for a bit more frequent reports you can head over to Agnès Blog or her short updates.

What we did

2015-07-05 14.06.52-1Compared to the last 6 months, the last 4 weeks were quite ordinary. We arrived in Auckland, stayed a few days at Agnès brothers place before going back to Warkworth to stay in the lodge where we worked already in December. During the week we do all kinds of jobs like cleaning rooms, helping with the renovation of a flat or cleaning the outside of the house. The biggest topic was (and still is) the search for jobs. We found a few interesting offers and spend quite a bit of time in creating new résumés. The style of a “proper” NZ résumé and cover letter differ a lot from the German (and French) style so we had to create them from scratch. By now both of us send out a few applications and I even got an interview for a really interesting job, however there were better qualified applicants which meant that I have to look further.

What we plan to do

There is nothing really planned apart from keeping applying until we find a job. We might have a look for another HelpX host to change scenery a bit until we find something permanent. We also had a look for places to rent but it is not really worth to spend too much time on that as long as none of us has a job.


There were no mayor problems really, we struggled a bit to create an acceptable résumé but I guess everybody makes that kind of experience. One thing I wasn’t really aware of is the quality of job ads that we found online. Many of them are created by recruitment agencies and obviously they don’t want you to know their client, otherwise you could apply directly. However that means, that you get virtually no information about the company and sometimes even about the job itself apart from “It’s a interesting reporting job in a great team”. We will keep searching through the different portals and hope to have at least one job in the next 4 weeks.

What I learned

  • (obviously) how a New Zealand résumé and cover letter have to look like

To Do List

  • Catch fish for dinner on my own
  • Get a job in New Zealand
  • Apply for jobs
  • Find a place to live in

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