Kakadu National Park (2011-06-23)

By now, I don’t really believe, that I will ever sleep in again! We got up at 6 o’clock, because we were picked up at 6.40 by our tourguides for Kakadu. Way too early, but at leas we got some time to sleep in the truck. Of course there were another 4 Germans on the tour, which I realised as soon as I got in the truck.

We started our tour and went to a Billabong on aboriginal land, where we got a welcome from an aboriginal girl, she spat water from the billabong on our head. Different countries, different traditions! Afterwards we talked with her father, who owns half the country of Kakadu National Park. He taught us about aboriginal culture, the Didgeridoo, and their traditional and modern life. We also got a chance to try to throw their speers, more or less successful.

We headed off after an hour of talking and went to a Billabong where we did a boat Tour around the wetlands to see crocodiles, eagles and more of the native wildlife.

After this trip we finally got to Kakadu. With half the size of Switzerland, it’s the largest National Park in Australia. We arrived at our campsite and set up our tents for the night, before we went to the Ubirr Art Gallery, not like a “real” art gallery with framed pictures, but a lot of ancient aboriginal paintings, some of them 8000 years old. Our tourguides told us about the history behind the paintings and the stories they represent. For the sunset we climbed on a plateau with an amazing view over the wetlands and forests. It was definitely one of the best sunsets i’ve seen so far, not so much for the sun, but for the landscape and the general feeling of it!

We finished the day with a fire-cooked dinner and didgeridoo playing, before we went in our tents. We just used them for protection against the mossies, it was nearly to warm to sleep with a sleeping bag.

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