Legalization I

Legalization, 2nd try.

We met at 9 and went to the first office. I got my piece of paper without problems, while Fernanda took twice as long as me, because the people at the embassy put a stamp on her visa, that it wasn’t clear if it is valid for 246 or 248 days…

We went to the next office, got 3 copies for 1.2€ got a number and waited for our number to be called. When it was our turn, the guy told us, that we waited in the wrong line…30min for nothing! We went to the correct line, spent the next 3 hours playing “I packed my bag” and “battleships”. When it was finally our turn, i went to the lady behind the desk, she typed everything in the computer and asked me to confirm it. After my small hint that I have a “temporary residency” visa and not a “student” visa, she checked my papers again and made a weird face…the people in the first office entered it wrong in the system, so I had to go back and get a correction. Fernanda couldn’t get her legalization as well, cause the woman couldn’t read the amount of days. I had to go to the first office, she to the ministry for foreign affairs, but as both of them were closed by that time, we decided to postpone it to another day. After lunch at the fish market, we went home. Later I went for my first night out in Santiago. There were Salsa classes on with a party afterwards. We (Celine, Petteri, a finish guy and 2 other Germans) went there for the party. We got in touch with a group of people that organize these events quite fast and met a lot of them, Chilean and foreign. Around 12 we joined two girls for another party in Santiago Centro, with more people and better music. After 5 min we met another group of people and hung out with a few of them for the rest of the night (positive surprise: for some reason one of the guys got free drinks that night).

The night finally ended at 5 in the morning.

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