Legalization II (2012-08-28)

No idea, how often we made an appointment which was canceled by someone, but this morning Petteri and I went to the legalization again. While Petteri went back home to get his passport (because a passport is helpful if you want to do official stuff in a foreign country) I went to the first office again to explain which mistake they made. After a discussion with some guy who asked me which person processed my application two weeks ago and my try to ask him nicely how the hell I should remember, I got my corrected sheet of paper.

After I met Petteri, we went to the second office. The queue was only half as long as last time and after waiting 40min (and another ~20min to go) a woman came to guide ~15 people out of the queue and one level up. there we got a number and 3 min later it was our turn. Like at the first time, the woman checked everything, suddenly made a weird face and got up to talk to someone else…when she came back, she explained me that on the sheet it was written that i am allowed to be in Chile until the 18th of February…the 200 days that i am allowed to be here would end on the 15th of February…so i would have to go back to the first office to get t corrected…After asking twice if i got that right, i took my stuff and went to the first office again. After the explanation a woman checked it and told me that everything is alright, 200 days end on the 18th…she even showed me a formula in Excel, how she calculated it.

Not in the best mood, i went back to the 2nd office…again. Explained it to the woman, she talked to someone else and suddenly it was no problem anymore and i got my legalization. Now i can pick up my Chilean ID in 2 weeks.

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