How to meet the Boss of your favorite Brewery! *UPDATE*

For the last 4 years I carried around beer bottles from Germany on whatever continent you met me. This came to a temporary highlight early this week. The Marketing Agency of Stauder and Thomas Stauder, one of the two brothers owning the brewery invited me to meet them before I travel to New Zealand again.

Getting a Stauder keg fresh from the brewery

Pretty much everybody who met me in the last 4 years knows that I am travelling everywhere with one or two beer bottles from my local brewery from Essen. I had to explain it over and over again and got some confused and/or amused looks for that. Usually people asked me whether Stauder pays me for advertisement or why else I would do that. I do not really know (anymore) how or why it started but over the years it became a constant accessory in my backpack so by now I ended up with ~45 pictures of Stauder all over te world. To acknowledge this effort and to thank me for my loyalty to Stauder I got invited last Monday to meet some marketing people of the brewery and Thomas Stauder, one of the two brothers that lead the brewery.

I explained why and how I was travelling that much in the last years and a little bit about my experiences in China and South America, what I did with the beer and the reactions I got from people I met on the way. One question I couldn’t answer (yet) is how far Stauder travelled in this time; to figure that out might become my next little side project.

At the end of the 45 minutes I got “some” beer to thank me for my efforts and to have a farewell party (I will have to organize a second one though, as the “real” one was already the weekend before the meeting) and enjoyed a cold beer with Mr. Stauder. Of course I also took a picture for this series at the brewery itself. For this opportunity with a bottle that is, according to the head of the brewery at least 28 years old.Drinking a cold Stauder with Thomas Stauder

So to make things short, if you want to meet the boss of your favourite brewery (or any other person) you can do it as well – in 5 easy steps:

  1. get 2 bottles of beer
  2. organize your life to
  3. spend 4 years travelling
  4. take nice pictures with 1 bottle
  5. get invited

However, my aim was never really to get something in return, usually people asked me if the brewery knew about that because they would probably pay me for that. I usually just replied “No” or, if I felt like it, explained that I don’t do it to be paid (which is kind of a weird idea anyway) and that I might tell them one day.

So now I told them, as I thought it would be a nice thing before I leave for New Zealand. I was a bit surprised to get an answer nearly instantly from the agency but hoped afterwards of course that a little bit of beer would be in for me. That beer will be drunk by my friends and me in the coming days before I then finally leave to get more pictures from Down Under.

In the meantime there will be some more familiar pictures for everybody from the Ruhrpott. While Stauder has been around the world with me already, I didn’t take any from home. Until now there is the Tetraeder and the Stauder Brauerei but a few more will follow soon.


The story on the Stauder website:

The story in the local newspaper (Issue from 14.Nov.2014):


*Both pictures were provided by Carsten Liebfried of the agency “schüngelschwarz”*

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