On Wednesday morning i started my journey to Santiago, via Miami.

Not much to say about the flight…9 hours in the plane, average food, no personal screen but at least free beer!

The forecast told me that there will be a storm in Miami for my 8 hours I had to spent there…well, the pictures tell a different story! When I left the plane in Miami i could instantly feel the 30°-35°C and the very humid air. After i spent nearly 1.5 hours in the customs area, I looked for the next information point to get some information about how to go to the beach. Obviously I was not the only one with this plan, because the lady at the counter just looked at me, asked “to Miami beach?” and gave me a flyer with the shuttle bus information.

5 minutes later i sat in the bus (surrounded by Germans) and got a bit surprised because everything was in Spanish. Not a real surprise considering the proximity to the Mexican border but still weired to be in America with just the Spanish language around you.

During the bus ride a Spanish speaking guy entertained the whole bus. Talking to the tourists, joking around with them and practicing his language skills in Japanese and German. When we left the bus i got to talk to him and it turned out that he and his friend were truck drivers with 2 days off and they just want to hang around at the beach. I joined Alejandro (who was actually Mexican) and Scott. They talked a bit bout their job and that they have been in nearly every state apart from Alaska and Hawaii and we went to the waterline. After a few hours of sunbathing and swimming in the water with probably around 25°, we went along the promenade to get some food. Alejandro kept talking to any person we approached (of course in Spanish) until we stopped at one restaurant. It doesn’t really matter at which restaurant because there are roughly 50 all with the same meals, offers and happy hours.

After the dinner we headed back to the airport where they went to their trucks and I caught my connecting flight. Again quite boring, but free beer.

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