New Years Market in Beijing

On Saturday we started the day slowly with a walk in the late morning. A friend of the Spanish guys recommended going to a certain metro station because it would be nice to walk around there. Well…it wasn’t! Nothing special to see except for a few small streets in which some locals tried to tell us at some point that this is private and we are not supposed to be there…”我们不懂!” We got back for lunch and left after a siesta (after all I am here with Spaniards) to see a New Year’s market.

2014-02-01 15.28.50That was a rather strange experience. None of us really knew before what to expect but what we found was certainly different. It was some kind of big fair with loud music where people could win big teddy bears at every booth. Additionally there was every kind of food available and roughly estimated half of the Beijing population that tried to get either one of the bears or a snack. We left quite quickly, tried to visit a park which turned out to be the Russian embassy and as we don’t look too Russian we assumed we wouldn’t be allowed in there.

Back home we started playing Mahjongg again after dinner. After our host Niu Qiyang was called to play the game with his family, his Mum joined to be the 4th player and we ended up playing 3-4hrs. Finally we decided to go to bed as we planned to visit the National Museum the next morning.

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