After I some last minute purchases I was one of the last persons to arrive at the gate and they nearly closed the door behind me. To my surprise the had proper in-flight entertainment this time and with some movies and sleep the flight time seemed reasonably short.

After the usual immigration checks at JFK I waited for the “Skytrain” which takes me to a Subway Station. I met a Dutch girl, that has been on my flight from BA and will be on the same flight to London, so we decided to spent the time together in NYC.

We got out of the Subway at Ground Zero and had to realise, that it was even colder then at the airport. The site of the twin towers was not too impressive, as they are building a huge memorial at the moment. We walked along the waterfront to catch a glance of the Statue of Liberty and took a subway back up to the Times Square.

It looked exactly like you see it in TV, after the obligatory pictures we walked to the Empire State Building, to have a look on the city from the 86th floor. It was a pretty good view, although it was really cloudy and a bit rainy. The next stop took us to the Central Park, which was quite boring due to the season and the lack of time to explore it. We split up afterwards, as the girl (I forgot the name 5sec after she told me) wanted to go back to the airport, but I wanted to look around a bit more instead of hanging around at the airport for 3 or 4 hrs.

After a healthy Subway sandwich and a beer in an Irish pub I had a look in some stores and walked to the Grand Central Station. I found a great Lego Store on the way, which had walls full of different stones to choose from and several huge Lego Statues.

Finally at the Grand Central Station I was a bit surprised to see an Apple Store right in the station.

I left Manhattan 6 hrs after my arrival and was satisfied with my visit and glad to be able to sit again, after walking most of the time. After 30min in London Heathrow and another flight, I arrived back in Germany.

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