semana 2 (2012-08-11)

Saturday: After partying on Friday I didn’t feel too good…Fazit: I spent the whole day in bed and when I wanted to organize something in the evening, I fell asleep…very productive day!

Sunday: The day started around noon and I went to the MAC, the Museo de las Artes Contemporales; A weird place with contemporary art. Lot’s of pictures I didn’t understand and a big hall full of scrap metal. I left the place without knowing what I have just seen. After a short nap in a park, I went to the Plaza de Armas, to meet Petteri and Celine to do a free walking tour through Santiago. We were walking for around 4 hours through Santiago and saw a lot of the old buildings with an explanation of their use. Our guide was a nice guy from Ecuador and made it quite entertaining. After the tour ended, a few other guys and I decided to go in a pub and try a Chilean specialty…Cerveza Michelada.

A glas with salt on the edge (like a margarita), lemon juicy, Tabasco and pepper. It tasted exactly as it sounds. During the evening we suspected to be victims of a common tourist-prank but by now, different people told me about it and I actually met someone who drinks it…voluntarily.

After the pub and a visit at a house party, I went home to be ready for my first complete day of uni.

Monday: partly interesting classes, where I mostly didn’t understand much. The evening class was canceled, so a Chilean guy (who spoke German) decided, we should go to a pub to get beers (Oh, no…). After some interesting conversations, I left the pub to meet José, who will lend me all necessary snowboard gear for the holidays. After talking to long, I missed the last Metro and walked alone in the middle of the night through abandoned streets in the suburbs of Santiago…probably not the best idea, but eventually I caught a bus (the right one) got off at the correct station and changed to the second bus (also the right one) to arrive safely at home.

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