semana 4 (2012-08-29)

The rest of the week was pretty quiet. I finished my project thesis on Thursday and went out the same night with Fernanda and Petteri to celebrate it. After a few beer and only two locations it was suddenly 3.30 and all the clubs were about to close. So we didn’t have any choice but to go home.

After I spent some time looking for new rooms to live in, I got some appointments to visit them. One on Friday, which was rather average, close to the party district of Santiago, but kind of dodgy-looking.

Saturday I had two more appointments, one in the afternoon, close to my current apartment. Nice people, a small “backyard” and I got a beer…

After that I met some friends at the house of a chilean girl that we met about 2 weeks ago. We had a great asado (bbq) and when we left, I couldn’t really move anymore. Nevertheless I had to visit another house. Luckily I was invited to the birthday of one of the inhabitants, to visit the house. Without knowing anyone I arrived and met a bunch of 10-12 people living there. I spent the evening with two Mexicans and I realized, that my Spanish got way better, as we were able to communicate mostly in Spanish. I went home around 2 because I had to get up quite early, as we planned a hike at Cajon de Maipo the next morning.

On Sunday my alarm went off at 6.30 and until 7.15 I wasn’t sure if I would join the others at 7.30 at the Metro station. Well, I decided to go and after around an hour in the Metro, buses and a taxi, which i spent mostly sleeping, we arrived at El Manzano to start our hike.

The trip was quite adventurous, we started with following a small river a bit upstream, where we had to climb over rocks, from a few centimeters up to several meters in diameter. At one point we left the river and walked through bushes straight up a mountain. It was mostly alright, as there were some tracks, marked by donkey-poo, but at some points we had to find a way through thick bushes. After 3 hours we were on top of something and had a great view over the valley on one side and some snow-covered mountains on the other. After a break with some beer, we started our way down, which was harder than we thought. Really steep parts forced us to slide down on our butt rather than walking down. After we reached the river again, we had a break, with more beer and a nap and walked back to the street afterwards, to go home.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I organized the last things for my trip to Perú (buying proper shoes and packing my bag) and after my last Spanish class on Wednesday evening, I was invited to a dinner with some of the exchange students.

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