Stauder on the radio

Stauder on the Great WallSo after my meeting with Thomas Stauder and the small article in the local newspaper there were a few new developments in the last days and weeks.

I already mentionen on Facebook that the “Freie Brauer” (independent breweries, German) wrote about my little “project” on their website. What was a bit more surprising was that I got an email from Radio Essen (the local station of my hometown) for an interview a few days ago. Last wendnesday they called and we talked for 10 minutes about the idea, the reasons and about some of the pictures. In the end it turned out to be a 2 minute feature which aired last Friday (6.3.2015) morning at 6.45.
Radio Essen was friendly enough to send me the whole thing so here it is for everybody that understands German and does not listen to the radio at that time of the day:

I also worked a bit on the map that displays all the Stauder pictures and it looks a bit nicer now – with a more appropriate icon.


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