Started as a stupid idea, over the years I collected pictures of bottles of the local beer from Essen. The collection is growing and growing with every trip and the results are displayed here.

…in Brisbane

…in Brisbane As you might realize, my bottle is not alone anymore, so let me introduce to you: “Erna aus Essen”! In my interview with Radio Essen I was asked if Erna could join for a picture, since she is a well traveled duck. I agreed and Radio Essen sent Erna to Brisbane for me to pick up. (Un)fortunately I broke my only bottle in Australia during that time and Radio Essen was kind enough to put a …

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Stauder on the radio

Stauder on the Great Wall

So after my meeting with Thomas Stauder and the small article in the local newspaper there were a few new developments in the last days and weeks. I already mentionen on Facebook that the “Freie Brauer” (independent breweries, German) wrote about my little “project” on their website. What was a bit more surprising was that I got an email from Radio Essen (the local station of my hometown) for an interview a few days ago. …

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