Swimming with Crocs (2011-06-20)

We woke up and it was the first night which was actually not freezing cold. It was certainly not warm, but in comparison to the nights during the last week it was a nice surprise. In the morning we realised a quick change from the outback landscape with only a few trees and small bushes to some forest like landscape with tighter vegetation and wild palmtrees. There is not much to see between Alice and Darwin, so our only stop for today was at the Bitter Spring. A hot spring in a National Park, which is constantly at 34°. It was the first bath since we left The Uluru Resort and it was pretty relaxing, just to lay in the hot water. We had a short break to visit the nearby river, which inhabits freshwater crocodiles, just when we arrived one of them climbed on a log out of the water, just 50 metres away. Nevertheless Agnes and I went for a swim in the river, which was pretty refreshing after the hot bath before. Afterwards we jumped in the spring again, before we had a extended shower to get rid of all the dirt of the last days. We didn’t leave the National Park without our lunch and arrived at our campsite at 5pm. It was pretty warm and sunny, so we spend the afternoon laying in the sun, drinking beer and enjoying ourselves. It was a huge difference to the south, it was the first night, that we didn’t need a fire at all. We used it anyway to cook our dinner and got some jealous looks from two German guys, because we used our saw, while they were struggling to break the branches by hand. We finished our last campnight with another chocolate fondue and enjoyed not to be freezing when we went to bed.

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