You can’t find Chinese friends

Me with my host and two other couchsurfers in Beijing

This post is dedicated to the few people who told me that I will never meet and Chinese people and become friends with them because they are to different and I will end up hanging around only with other foreigners. Although that might sound like a “challenge accepted” thing (“Within 3 months I want to be friends with X Chinese!”), I did not run around asking people if they want to be friends with me, …

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Chinese Language (part 1)

Disclaimer: I am far away from actually speaking or understanding Chinese! Actually I do know enough words for basic conversations…in theory. The problem is that people generally don’t understand me because of the pronunciation and intonation of what I say. I also know that probably not everything I will write here is 100% true, however it gives a little insight in how the language works and if you are advanced enough to spot the mistakes …

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Shopping in China

Chips in the Supermarket

So shopping in China is not significantly different from other countries…you have the usual big supermarkets (walmart, carrefour,etc.), you get shopping carts or plastic baskets for your errands, you pay at the end at a usual cashier…so far so good! A few things still are different: Somebody might stay at the entrance to hand you a shopping cart so that you don’t have to walk the additional 2 meters I couldn’t find something between a small …

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A month without (nearly) any fork!

One month in China is over! Since my meal in the plane to Nanjing I have seen and used only one fork, everything else was eaten with chopsticks, spoons and my fingers. So what I learned about Chinese people is that they eat!…always!…a lot! On the streets you find restaurants or kitchen every few meters and if there are no restaurants, there will be somebody on the street selling something according to day-time. It is nearly always …

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Getting a Flat (part 2)

The next day… I packed my stuff in the hotel, took a taxi and explained the taxi driver successfully the way to my new apartment and the agent to sign the contract. This time I had my passport with me, as well as (what I thought was) enough money to pay fee, deposit and one rent plus maybe unexpected additional fees. Well, what I was told there was that in China you might be requested …

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Getting a Flat (part 1)

As getting an apartment in China was a bit more difficult than I thought, I put it in an own post. So Mango, one of the admin people at Schenker organized a few apartments to look at via an agency. On Tuesday afternoon we left the office to have a look at 4 of them, so I could choose one and move out of the hotel. Apparently it is not uncommon in China to sign …

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First Impressions of China

So, after this blog thing didn’t work so well in Chile, I will give it another try now… The flight was as good as 12 hrs in a plane can be…but at least I had 2 seats and a decent movie choice. Findings for China so far: – General Impression: It reminds me a lot of South America

semana 4 (2012-08-29)

The rest of the week was pretty quiet. I finished my project thesis on Thursday and went out the same night with Fernanda and Petteri to celebrate it. After a few beer and only two locations it was suddenly 3.30 and all the clubs were about to close. So we didn’t have any choice but to go home. After I spent some time looking for new rooms to live in, I got some appointments to …

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semana 3 (2012-08-20)

Slowly the live is becomes normal. We planned to do our legalization again, unfortunately it was just a try, as we were busy with uni, hungover or unmotivated…so we postponed it one week (our last chance, cause it has to be done until the 30th). On Tuesday I started my Spanish classes. A friend from Uni and I booked private lessons, twice a week. I learn a lot of words during the week, but sometimes …

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semana 2 (2012-08-11)

Saturday: After partying on Friday I didn’t feel too good…Fazit: I spent the whole day in bed and when I wanted to organize something in the evening, I fell asleep…very productive day! Sunday: The day started around noon and I went to the MAC, the Museo de las Artes Contemporales; A weird place with contemporary art. Lot’s of pictures I didn’t understand and a big hall full of scrap metal. I left the place without …

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