4 days in Taipei

Spending only 4 days in a city, the size of Taipei is always a challenge. In advance it is hard to know how long it takes you to get from one spot to another, which sites are worth visiting or which can be skipped and what the weather will be like. In the end there is a lot of improvisation and plan changing anyway. The best approach I found so far is to not plan …

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Last update before leaving

Stauder before travelling to New Zealand

Before I finally leave Germany, here a quick update on what we are up to the next days/weeks. Right now we are sitting at Frankfurt airport, waiting for our departure to Taipei at 10.40am. If anybody is interested, you can follow the flight here: https://de.flightaware.com/live/flight/CAL62/history/20141201/0940Z/EDDF/RCTP For tomorrow day and night we have a hotel room to try to cure our jet lag (not sure how successful that will be). On Wednesday we will move to a …

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