The Devils Marbles (2011-06-19)

After a quite long night, we had an big breakfast with lots of pancakes. We only had one stop for today: The Devils Marbles, a few hundred kilometres north of Alice. Some giant stones that look like marbles, laying around in the Outback. We arrived on time for our lunch, which we had on one of the small rocks near the car park. Afterwards we attempted to climb the rocks and it turned out, that it’s a giant playground! Lot’s of rocks and stones to climb on and relax on. It was already a lot warmer than a few days ago, so we spent some time on the rocks in the sun, before we left them again. I would have liked the idea of camping here today and spending the whole afternoon on top of the rocks, but we still have 1000kms to Darwin and we want to drive as much as possible during the day. When we reached our campsite for today, we were a bit surprised. Usually there are a few other people camping, mostly grey nomads, pensioners that travel with their caravan through Australia. But this time it was crowded, we got the last free parking spot and shared this campsite with around 30-35 other vehicles. After Fabien and I collected our firewood for the night, a friendly Aussie came to us and told us, that there is firewood provided in a box in the middle of the car park – good to know, but unfortunately a bit too late!

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