The last weeks in China

I planned to see a lot more things in China in the second half of my stay but due to weather conditions and some problems with my thesis I couldn’t really organize all the trips I had planned. Instead I stayed mostly in Nanjing to see the places I hadn’t seen yet, such as the remainings of the old city wall or the Fuzi Miao temple and the Purple Mountain which is covered in countless tombs, temples and other buildings. The only trip left or me was to Ningbo to visit Dora, a Chinese exchange student I met in Chile, we spend the weekend meeting some other students, going to parties and visiting the few interesting places in Ningbo (Quote from a taxi driver “Why are you coming to Ningbo? There is nothing to see here!”)

The last days in Nanjing then were mostly spent catching up with the many people I met in my three months in China. I also tried some more interesting food, such as blood and pig tails.

For the flight back to Germany I planned to spend some hours in Hong Kong but unfortunately the first flight was delayed so I had to stay at the airport. With way too little sleep I finally arrived in Frankfurt around 12 hours later, forgot my laptop in the plane and took the wrong train home but eventually managed to arrive safely.

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