The Summer Palace

On Wednesday I decided to go alone to the Summer Palace in the north west of Beijing, a big park area with a big temple overlooking the lake in it. On the way I stopped at a market, a Chinese one where I wasn’t sure if the market was the attraction to me or I the attraction to the people at the market. I got some fruits for the next days and decided not to buy the offered caterpillars before I went out and saw that the people who couldn’t get a space in the market to sell their fish did it on the street, quite literally. A small sheet on the ground with a few fish on it; another thing you would not think of in Germany.

2014-02-05 13.17.31The walk around the lake at the summer palace afterwards was quite nice and I met a small boy who, when I was passing, pointed and me and said “不是爸爸” – bu shi baba ~”not my dad”; unfortunately it took me too long to understand it to answer to it in time…

The whole walk and the visit of the temple and palace took me most of the day so the only thing left for me was to get some food for the next days as I planned to be way for the whole day and needed some snacks for my lunch…

2014-02-06 19.24.17The plan already changed a few hours later when Niu Qiyang asked me to meet his friends again to go to KTV. I rescheduled my day trip to Friday and went out on Thursday morning to see” 798″, the art district of Beijing, which has a lot of galleries and shops in old factory buildings. The problem here was that nearly all of the interesting ones were closed for the holidays. Because of that I didn’t spend too much time there although it could have been interesting otherwise.

Later that afternoon we met the friends from 2 nights ago and spent 2 or 3 hours having a good time at the Karaoke before having dinner together and eat the famous Beijing Duck.

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