Walking around Beijing

In the morning we got dropped off together with Niu Qiyangs grandparents at the National Museum. The plan to visit the same was quickly changed when we saw the queue in front of it. It was long, really long, probably the other half of Beijing, the one that didn’t go to the New Year’s fair gathered here!

2014-02-02 10.13.02Our host and his grandparents decided to go home while we wanted to walk a bit around to see some things. As it was just across the road, we first went onto the Tiananmen Square, the biggest square in the world, which actually didn’t appear to be THAT big. Unfortunately we couldn’t stop by to greet Mao (whose preserved body is exhibited in a Mausoleum on the square) because it was closed; maybe Tuesday when we planned to come back to visit the Forbidden City.

We then walked once across Beijing mostly through Hutongs, which are narrow alleys between the big roads. Most of these are pretty interesting to walk through as they show more “normal” life than in the big streets (as long as you don’t use the too touristy ones). We went to the Drum & Bell Towers which were used for time keeping in earlier days and visited the Buddhist Lama Temple for 2 hours, after we couldn’t do it two days ago.

The evening was spent eating and playing Mahjongg again. It’s hard to describe what the addictive thing with this game is but once you start it, it’s quite hard to stop playing it. Anyway we decided to go to bed a bit earlier today to get up early the next day to finally visit The Great Wall.

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